No relative agent script found – Dynamics 365 Omnichannel for Customer Service

After immplement the Agent Script and Macro for the OC, the Agent Scripts did not appears in the OC when chat is received from the webchat. Both admin and users experiecned the same issue. I checked the security role of both admin and users, though they didnt have athe Productivity Tool security role assigned. So I assigned the role to the users but still the no Agent Script found.

I tried to find a solution by searching Google and videos online but no one talk about how to resolve this. So I came up with this piece incase anyone is experiencing this same issue especially in the new Customer Service Admin center as Microsoft keeps changing this configurations.

In the previous Ominchannel admin, you need to enable the Productivity Pane but in the new Customer Service Admin center, the feature is not available.

My investigations shows that the Sesison template added to the Workstream does not contain the Agent Script. In other words, I added the wrong session template(CHat session – dafault).

Screenshot below

So this session does not contain the Agent Script that I developed:

To solve the issue, I added right session template that contain the Agent Script to the Workstream.

1 .Workstreams

2.Select and open your Workstream

3.Scroll and expand the Advanced Settings section

4 In the Sessions click on edit and add the session that contains the Agent Script.

So Agent script now showing