Kingswaysoft tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 not showing up in the SSIS tool box

I experience and issue with the Kingswaysoft tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365 not showing up in the SSIS component in the tool box.

Thanks to Deniel Cai for this great help. However, since this troubleshooting information is not available out there, I decided to write something here for those of you who might be experiencing the same issue as I was.

First, you need to ensure that you install all the necessary requirements for this to work. You can check this for more information:

My issue was that after installing all the requirements for my Visual Studio 2019 and with the SQL Integration Service extension and having installed the SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics 365, this was not showing up in the components of the SSIS tool box as you can see below:

To resolve the issue, kindly see below:

I the solution explorer of the Visual Studio which is located at the right side, right click the solution, in my case is “SSISDEMONew”

Click on properties

In the Property Page dialogue, click on General tab:

Under “Deployment Target Version”, locate the “TargetServerVersion”, in my own case, the option default option selected was SQL Server 2022. Please note that the SQL Server 2022 is not currently supported as at the time this piece is written.

So I changed to option to “SQL Server 2019”, click on Apply and Ok button:

You will also see that the SSIS Toolbox did not show after that.

So at the solution explorer, double click the “Package.dtsx”

The SSIS toolbox now displayed.

Then click on the Data flow tab:

Here we go, we now see the Dynamics components from Kindswaysoft available.