Kanban Board for Dynamics 365 CRM

Kanban Board is a productivity app to visualize your Dynamics 365 and PowerApps
data in a Kanban View. Records are categorized and systematically arranged in compact
movable cards in multiple lanes for quick review and easy analysis. Further, it helps to update
the underlying field values of records through easy drag & drop capability and perform quick
actions to record activities like Email, Task or Phone Call in just one click. It is a control
that can be configured for any View in Dynamics 365 CRM and CDS environment.
The Kanban view shows opportunities as cards. The lanes in the Kanban view represent the default
statuses or business process flow stages of opportunities. The opportunity cards within the swim
lanes show where in the process the opportunities are. You can drag the opportunities to different
lanes to move them from one status or stage to another.

There are two types of Kanban views that are available for opportunities:

Based on the business process flow stage (default view).
Based on the Opportunity status.

You can switch between the views by selecting the Kanban type from the Kanban type drop-down list.

In the status-based Kanban view, each swim lane represents a default opportunity status such as, Open, Won, or Lost.

Configuring Kanban Board

Currently, the Kanban control works only on the Opportunity and Activity entity.

To add the control:

In your app, select the Settings icon, and then select Advanced Settings.

Advanced Settings link in the site map

  1. The Business Management settings page opens in a new browser tab.
  2. On the navigation bar, select Settings and then under Customization, select Customizations.
  3. Select Customize the System.
  4. Under Components in the solution explorer, expand Entities and then select Opportunity or Activity.
  5. Go to the Controls tab and select Add Control.

Read-only Grid control selected as default

7. In the Add Control dialog box, select Kanban and then select Add.

Add Control dialog box

8. The Kanban control is added to the list of controls.The Read-only grid is the default            option, so when users select Opportunities from the site map, they see a read-only            grid of opportunities. To make the Kanban view the default view instead, select the            radio button for the Kanban control for the corresponding options.

Make the Kanban view the default view

9.   Select Save to save your changes.

10. To publish the changes you’ve made, select Publish.


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